ICD-10 Test Plan Framework for Providers

Leveraging the ICD-10 expertise we have acquired over the past several years, The Ballard Group has developed a comprehensive ICD-10 Test Plan Framework for Providers. The Framework describes the testing strategy for an ICD-10 implementation project, oriented towards testing needs on the part of a Provider organization. It identifies and describes Test Planning, Test Management, Test Reporting, and Test Measurement. This Framework is focused on those aspects of testing that are specific to an ICD-10 implementation project. If you desire a detailed description of general best practices for testing, we offer our ICD-10 Test Plan Framework clients a complimentary Test Plan Supplement to use as a reference guide.

As seen with Frameworks developed for other types of projects, The Ballard Group's ICD-10 Test Plan Framework can be instrumental in creating your ICD-10 Test Plan and in reducing your testing project timeline to meet the October 2015 deadline.

Each chapter provides an outline of testing considerations for your project. The Ballard Group can leverage the Framework to develop a test plan tailored for you, and can even do the testing, freeing up your staff to focus on other critical aspects of the project.

We have experience using the types of automation solutions presented for your consideration in the ICD-10 Test Plan Framework, and can assist you in implementing and leveraging the technology in conjunction with our testing best practices. For a sample of what's included in our ICD-10 Test Plan Framework, we offer a complimentary excerpt for your review.

ICD-10 Test Plan Assessment

For those of you who have already developed your ICD-10 Test Plan (whether Providers or Payers), The Ballard Group offers an ICD-10 Test Plan Assessment service. The purpose is to evaluate the application of best practices related to thorough testing, and to determine if ICD-10 specific testing needs are addressed in your plan. As part of the Assessment, The Ballard Group will review your ICD-10 Test Strategy for its coverage of best-practice testing requirements, particularly with regards to issues unique to an ICD-10 implementation project. This Assessment will include the following areas:

        • Identify gaps in both the testing methodology and in addressing ICD-10-specific testing

        • Examine the possible role and timing of the use of automated testing tools.

        • Consider whether the appropriate personnel have been included on the test team.

        • Determine if critical ICD-10 test scenarios identified by The Ballard Group have been
          addressed in your test plan.

        • Assess the project timelines for feasibility, credibility, and probability of success.

We also include a one-hour conference call with each Test Plan Assessment client to discuss our findings and recommendations. At that time we will also jointly determine if you desire our assistance in implementing our recommendations.